fenn3r’s Fundamentals is a video series for completely new players to StarCraft 2. People who have never or very barely played at all and are looking to enjoy the competitive 1v1 aspect of the game, or find out if they enjoy the competitive 1v1 aspect of the game. With this video series I aim to ease new Zerg players into the game, teaching them the fundamental aspects that will lead to strong mechanical play.

To be able to execute clean, solid mechanical play, a new player needs to know the basics of what that is. The aim of this guide isn’t to skyrocket new players into a high league, but give them a really good base to go off that will allow them to incorporate more advanced techniques like strategy, timings, reacting, scouting and more on top of their solid fundamental base.

The guide starts off mostly just explaining things and acquiring knowledge about fundamental areas of Zerg play but then quickly turns practical to allow you to solidify those concepts easier.


It’s my belief that a lot of new players don’t really have a place to go when they’re brand new to the game. There are a lot of guides and tutorials out there that help people increase their mechanics once they know the basics, but that comes after a lot of googling or just experimenting with the game to learn the absolute basics. What I’m talking about is, people who have just bought the game don’t know what a build order is or how to follow one. With this I aim to get all of that information in one place, to make it easy to learn the easy stuff.

II’ve watched other tutorials where the first episode jumps straight into the game and is like “Ok so we’re going to play standard, build a 15 Pool and a 16 Hatchery.” I imagine this is a bit confusing for a completely new player, they don’t know what standard is, nor how to follow the build order. When I helped out my new friend, their 1 base 7 Roach rush was 3 minutes slower than the time it could be (even with me on Skype giving directions) there is no way they could’ve followed standard play. I aim to fill the super early knowledge gap.

Who are you?

Hello. My name is Daniel “fenn3r” Fenner. I am a Zerg player representing professional gaming team Frenetic Array, a part of Team Razer. I have finished in top 3 of the Grand Master league on SEA and have also been a NA GM. I’m currently attempting to improve enough to compete at the highest level of StarCraft 2 and also trying to make a living from eSports. I enjoy the satisfaction I get from helping others improve that don’t have as much time to commit to the game as me, whenever someone says I helped them get a league promotion it makes me feel warm and fuzzy :3.

To get started

Simply hit the introduction icon on the sidebar to the right, then either click “What is StarCraft?” If you want to know more about the game. If you already know about the game hit “How to use this guide” and everything will be made simple.

Enjoy your stay my Zerg friend.